Outnumbered Scolds Noah, Myers, Colbert For Mocking Trump’s Claim He’d Run in to Confront School Shooter

The panel on Outnumbered thought President Donald Trump‘s claim that he would have run into Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School unarmed was no laughing matter.

Trump said Monday that he would run into the scene of the Parkland shooting even if he didn’t have a weapon – a statement many mocked, including several comedians.

“Sir, we already know how you react to combat situations,” Stephen Colbert said in his opening monologue on Monday. “You got five deferments from Vietnam. What are you going to do, run in there and stab them with your bone spurs?”

“I’ve got to say, I find it hard to believe Trump would voluntarily run inside a place of education,” Seth Meyers quipped on his show. “The only way you would run inside as if a reporter asked you a question outside.”

Trevor Noah went for a straight imitation: “Hey, It’s me, Donald Trump. I don’t have a gun but what I do have is an amazing electoral college victory. They said I couldn’t win… but I did it. I did it. I did it so good. 8 minutes later, the police show up, Trump is still talking, the kids are like what the hell is happening here?”

“Seems to me a horrible thing to joke about,” Sandra Smith said in response.

“I find it interesting that they think the situation is a punch line,” Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich added. “For them to make this joke says a lot about where they are on this.”

“Remember when The Daily Show was culturally relevant and people watch and it made the news? I haven’t seen a clip from The Daily Show in so long. People did die running in there with their weapons,” The Daily Caller News Foundation‘s Chris Bedford offered. “That’s the kind of urge that overwhelms an adult saying I need to save children. These guys, the shooters are cowards. If that police officer had a little bit more courage, maybe he would’ve stopped him.”

Watch the full segment above, via Fox News.

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