Fox News’ Outnumbered Trashes Flynn: ‘It’s Baffling That the President Has Defended Him’


Outnumbered had a lot to sort through on Tuesday reacting to the shocking developments at Michael Flynn‘s sentencing hearing.

Harris Faulkner asked the panel whether President Donald Trump should pardon Flynn for his lies to the FBI, Lisa Boothe said it was “troubling” Flynn didn’t register as a foreign agent while serving as White House National Security Adviser at the same time. And Melissa Francis — recalling that Trump fired Flynn at first because he caused Vice President Mike Pence to unwittingly lie to the country.

“These are huge, huge problems,” Francis said. “It’s why he got fired, that’s why it’s baffling the president has defended him, and we want to know with the president knew.”

Andrew Napolitano, today’s #OneLuckyGuy, got in the mix by raising questions of when Trump learned about Flynn’s work as a foreign agent. This led to a discussion about whether the government needs to tighten up the laws for former Federal officials who undertake the agendas of other countries in national politics.

Eventually, when the panel arrived at Trump’s recent, sympathetic statements about Flynn, Napolitano called the president the “loser” on this front because “he ought to have known what Michael Flynn was up to.”

“The president is so far the loser in all of this,” Napolitano said. “The president has minimized what General Flynn has done and rejects saying that he committed treason.”

The judge continued to pan Trump for his tweets about Flynn, arguing the president is disregarding the legal seriousness of the crimes for which Flynn is being sentenced. Napolitano’s comments came just after Judge Emmet Sullivan lambasted Flynn at the hearing, briefly suggesting his acts were treasonous.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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