Outrage In Utah As 4th Of July Parade Features Obama Fast And Furious Parody Float

A small town in Utah known for lavish Independence Day parades sparked controversy last week as an unofficial entry into the parade included a man dressed as President Barack Obama and signs saying things like “Huntsville Welcomes Obama’s Farewell Tour?” and “Ask About Our Assault Gun Plan. Call Eric Holder.” Event organizers are denying that they allowed the entry into the parade, and the mayor insists it was not an approved display.

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As reporters for local Fox affiliate KSTU explain, the display included several signs mocking the President and the Fast and Furious scandal as well as a man dressed as the President lewdly pulling at the zipper in his pants. The town administration has said that it was a last-minute entry that was not approved through proper protocol and was offensive because “this is a family-oriented celebration” of America, and not a place to make a political statement. Meanwhile, the County Sheriff’s office washed their hands of the affair, stating that they are only to judge what is legal for a parade and not what is appropriate.

What do you think? Is an Obama impersonator and Fast and Furious jokes appropriate political speech at an Independence Day parade?

Watch the report from Fox 13 Salt Lake City below:

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