PA Attorney General Fires Back at Trump: He Can ‘Say Whatever The Hell He Wants… We Will Count These Ballots’


Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro fired back at President Donald Trump’s recent comments demanding that election results be announced quickly, dismissing the president as “all bark and no bite,” and vowing that in his state, “we will count these ballots.”

Shapiro made the comments in an appearance on CNN Sunday evening, telling Erin Burnett that he had been concerned about delays in mail delivery, and urging viewers who had received an absentee ballot but not yet mailed it in to instead deliver the completed ballot in person at the dropbox at their local election supervisor’s office.

Trump had spoken to reporters earlier Sunday while traveling between his campaign rallies, criticizing voters who hadn’t sent their ballots back “a month ago.”

“I don’t think it’s fair that we have to wait a long period of time after the election,” said Trump.

Burnett brought up the very close margin of victory in Pennsylvania in the 2016 presidential race — a mere 44,000 votes — and noted that several hundred thousand mail ballots had not yet been returned.

“Ballots that are mailed prior to election day or prior to the polls closing on election day can be received up until Friday at 5:00 pm,” said Shapiro. “And they will still be counted.”

Shapiro finished the segment by addressing Trump’s demands for quick election results and attempts to cast doubt on the normal process of counting the ballots.

“We know that the president talks a lot, right?” said Shapiro. “And I think what is clear after four years is, he is all bark and no bite.”

Our constitution, Shapiro continued, meant that “it’s not the president that picks the president, it’s the people that pick the president.”

“So Donald Trump can get out there and say whatever the hell he wants on Election Night, but the only thing that matters,” he said, was “what the will of the people is” after “we’ve counted up all the legal, eligible votes.”

“As the Attorney General of Pennsylvania, I will protect the will of the people,” Shapiro vowed. “I could [not] care less what Donald Trump says, we will count these ballots in a proper way to be certified.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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