Pal of Stormy Daniels Goes Off: ‘I Am Tired of Being Called a Liar’ and ‘I Know’ She Is Too


Moments after today’s White House press briefing in which principal deputy press secretary Raj Shah said unequivocally that President Donald Trump doesn’t believe any of the claims adult film star Stormy Daniels made during her blockbuster 60 Minutes interview, a friend of Daniels appeared on CNN to defend both her pal and herself.

Alana Evans, a porn star who has previously recounted details from the alleged tryst between Daniels and Trump, told CNN’s Jim Sciutto that she was getting tired of being accused of lying.

‘By dismissing Stormy’s claims you’re yet again dismissing the words that I have shared about being there in Tahoe and the things that I know happened, especially with Donald Trump calling me with Stormy from that hotel room that night,” Evans said in response to the briefing. “I’m tired of watching us be called liars again and again to protect a person who is lying even if he is the President of the United States.”

Evans went on to point out that Daniels called her up several times when she was in the hotel room with Trump in 2006, noting that in her 60 Minutes interview Daniels made it clear she had put “herself in a bad place by going to his room alone.” After telling the CNN host that she was feeling “so many emotions” following the interview, she explained that she was “very frustrated” over the lies coming from the White House.

“They keep calling me a liar,” Evans declared. “Stormy herself has taken a lie detector test. I have yet to be asked to take one but at this point in time I’m absolutely prepared to do that. I am tired of being called a liar. I know she is too.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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