Palace Intrigue! WH Advisor Mocks Scaramucci DURING his CNN Interview: ‘Car Crash’


Anthony Scaramucci, the White House’s slick new communications director, called into CNN’s New Day Thursday morning for a 30-minute marathon interview to complain about White House leaks — while a reporter in the green room was receiving texts from other administration officials mocking that very interview.

After apparently accusing Reince Priebus last night in a tweet of leaking a financial disclosure form that hadn’t even been leaked, Scaramucci called into New Day, perhaps after one too many cups of coffee. Speaking with Chris Cuomo for 30 minutes, The Mooch compared his relationship to the chief of staff to Cain and Abel, quoted Joe Paterno, moaned about leaks and slammed reporters.

Bloomberg’s Josh Green joined CNN after the call, noting “it’s important to step back and let viewers know how bizarre and unusual what just transpired is,” before stating that he had been watching the episode and texting administration officials from the green room.

“I was texting and e-mailing with White House officials saying what does it look like on the inside,” Green said. “One adviser messaged back to me saying ‘this is a car crash.'”

“So the idea that stunts like this are going to lock down the leaks, shut them off, I think is probably wrong,” Green added.

In other words, while Scaramucci told Cuomo in his interview the following:

I understand we have to leak things to reporters to help shape policy or try to balloon things or do tests on ideas or people for different jobs. I’m talking about nefarious, unnecessary, backstabbing, palace intrigue-like leaks. That’s what I’m talking about.

A fellow White House adviser was texting reporter Josh Green calling the interview a “car crash.”

We will leave the speculation over which adviser that was to you — Reince? Or was it Bannon?! We may not know until the next head-roll in Mooch’s purge.

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