Sarah Palin: McConnell Plan ‘Makes No Sense,’ Hands Obama Budget With ‘White Flag’

As the budget talks heat up and the time to reach any deal necessitates compromise, many on the right are becoming disillusioned with the evolution of the new budget. Among these is Sarah Palin, who told Sean Hannity tonight that she thought Sen. Mitch McConnell‘s plan “makes no sense” and that now, more than evern, “we have to reload. We will not capitulate.”

Palin argued that much of the debt problem was due to the direction that President Obama had taken the country, away from “a strong foundation of reward for work ethic and development of natural resources.” Now that the mess had been made, however, Palin argued that compromising too much on conservative principles would be dangerous. “We cannot default, but we cannot afford to retreat– we have to reload,” she told Hannity, then going after the McConnell plan. “That plan of McConnell’s makes no sense because it cedes power to Obama,” she argued. To Palin, giving President Obama more power is particularly dangerous because “we cannot trust him to further manipulate our economy.”

Instead, Palin proposed that Congress allow “President Obama to understand some free market, time-tested principles that worked,” rather that “just hand him with white flags” the tools necessary to put the budget together. “We can’t just wave a white flag and surrender,” she concluded, because “our President has failed in this arena.”

The segment via Fox News below:

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