Pardoned War Criminal Clint Lorance Speaks Directly Into Fox News Camera to Thank Trump: ‘I Love You, Sir’


Convicted war criminal Clint Lorance, an Army First Lieutenant who was pardoned by the president on Friday after serving six years of his 19-year sentence, appeared on Fox & Friends Monday and spoke directly into the network’s cameras to thank President Donald Trump, saying, “I love you, sir.”

Lorance received his sentence in 2013 after being convicted of two counts of second-degree murder for ordering his platoon to gun down a group of unarmed civilians in Afghanistan, but the White House announced that Trump is granting “mercy” to the soldier from Texas, along with two other service members accused of war crimes. The president’s pardons caused an uproar at the Pentagon as top military officials questioned if the move will lead to further distrust in the U.S. military’s justice system.

Lorance responded to those Pentagon officials while on Fox News:

“Anybody who is not part of the senior Pentagon brass will tell you the same thing. I think folks that start putting stars on their collar, anybody that’s got to be confirmed by the Senate for a promotion, they are no longer a soldier. They are a politician. And so I think they lose some of their values. And they certainly lose a lot of their respect from their subordinates when they do what they did to me, which was, you know, throw me under the bus.”

After stating that he is “actually proud of everything that happened to me,” Lorance received the full-hearted backing from co-host Ainsley Earhardt, who remarked that the president’s “timing is perfect because next week is Thanksgiving” before asking her guest to directly speak to Trump via Fox News’s cameras: “If the president is watching, what do you want to say to him?”

“I love you, sir. You are awesome,” Lorance said of Trump. “I will say this, Mr. President, I wish you had a better team around you. You need more people watching your back. And I think you don’t have a lot of that, and that is absolutely unfortunate and that infuriates me to no end. The American people elected you, and my thing is, if you are working in the White House or if you are working in the United States government and you don’t agree with something the president does, then go home.”

Co-host Pete Hegseth praised Lorance’s comments to the president as “well said,” while an emotional Earhardt concluded by thanking the convicted war criminal for “serving our country” and co-host Steve Doocy agreed that the story makes him want to cry.

Along with Lorance’s pardon, the White House announced over the weekend that Trump granted a full pardon to Army Special Forces officer Mathew Golsteyn, who faced murder charges for killing an unarmed Afghan civilian, and dropped the demotion that Navy SEAL officer Eddie Gallagher was handed down for his role in a war crime carried out against a teenaged Daesh fighter in Iraq.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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