‘Paris Has Been Burning Since November’: Ian Bremmer Predicts Notre Dame Fire Will Quell Yellow Vest Protests


Eurasia Group president Ian Bremmer on Tuesday put the fire that engulfed Notre Dame cathedral in the context of the unrest that has plagued Paris since the “Yellow Vest” protests broke out last year.

“Paris has been burning every weekend since November,” Bremmer said on CNN’s New Day. “This has been an absolutely horrifying year for this country, it’s been incredibly divided. The yellow vests, the gilets jaunes, have been out and have been so upset with the direction the country’s been going, so upset with the direction the country has been going in, the direction of the leadership under President Macron.”

“Just yesterday we see one of the most iconic structures in the world burning in Paris,” he continued. “And Macron has the ability to bring the country together.”

Bremmer noted that the yellow vests were planning to organize their biggest demonstration since November this coming weekend, in response to Macron’s expected speech seeking to address their economic grievances — and propose a policy agenda the protestors had already rejected.

Bremmer predicted that in light of the fire at Notre Dame, the yellow vests “will not march, and for the first time since November, the streets will be quiet.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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