Paris Hilton Walks Out Of ABC Interview When Asked If Her ‘Moment’ Has Passed

Want to get on Paris Hilton‘s bad side? Ask her if she’s old news. ABC’s Dan Harris sat down with Hilton at her home in Los Angeles to talk about her career, and whether or not low ratings for her latest reality show indicate she’s seeing the end of her “moment.” Hilton smiles awkwardly, looks off camera–taking direction from a handler–and walks off. As Harris described it, “after storming off, Hilton eventually returned to the interview after some cajoling to discuss her ideas about her own reinvention.” The interview–and the interruption–were featured on Wednesday morning’s GMA.

As ABC reports, Hilton–who takes pride in working despite her wealth–has seen a drop in interest in her life, as “frenemies” like Kim Kardashian remain in the spotlight:

The celebutante marketplace has become rather crowded since Paris Hilton burst onto the scene in the late 1990s. People like Hilton’s former protégé and sometimes “frenemy” Kim Kardashian have eating up a lot of the oxygen, with hit reality shows and a mountain of magazine covers.

While others may have usurped her role at the top of the reality television pecking order — her latest series, “The World According to Paris” debuted to a dismal 400,000 viewers on the Oxygen Network.

Watch it here from ABC News:

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