Parkland Dad Sends Gun Control Message to Lawmakers: ‘It Could Be Them Next if They Don’t Act’


In the wake of America’s latest mass shooting at a Chicago hospital, Parkland father Fred Guttenberg delivered a strong message to lawmakers: Do something.

Speaking to MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle on Tuesday, the day after a pharmaceutical assistant, a doctor and a police officer were shot dead at Mercy Hospital, Guttenberg said politicos should know “that it could be them next if they don’t act.”

“It could be someone they love next if they don’t act. It could happen while they’re walking to a restaurant in D.C. or back home if they don’t act. This doesn’t just happen in school. It can happen outside the walls of schools. It happens in the hospital. My sister works in a hospital. It could have been her yesterday. If we don’t take seriously the threat of gun violence to our safety and our rights to life, then shame on us.”

Guttenberg, who’s risen to prominence as a gun control advocate following the death of daughter Jaime at Florida’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School last February, called upon Washington to make this “a top priority.”

“Which means in January I expect them to start acting on it,” he added. “I expect hearings. I expect an effort out of the House to pass laws around gun safety and to force the Senate and Mitch McConnell to take a vote, to take notice.”

Despite a disturbing trend of continued shootings across the country which have become routine, Guttenberg said expressed optimism about the results of the midterm elections,

The good news is, this election, the voters did speak. We fired legislators who will not act on this issue and who are beholden to the NRA, and we hired legislators that are committed to it.

Ending his interview on an emotional note, Guttenberg said the loss of his daughter is very much felt, and that Jaime is the reason behind his embrace of political activism.

“You know what, Stephanie, every second, as I’m speaking to you today, I have the image of my daughter in my head running down the hallway with an active shooter at her back,” he told Ruhle. “I can’t get that image out of my head, and because I can’t, it’s sort of forcing me to do something. Because I just know as a country we can do better and I just know as a country, if my effort leads at some point to reductions in gun violence and the saving of lives, then I will have found a purpose. ”

Watch the clip above via MSNBC.

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