Parkland Father Gets Emotional Directly Responding to Trump’s Claim Shooting Victims Love Him: ‘I Hate What You Do’


Fred Guttenberg, whose daughter Jaime died in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, tore into President Donald Trump for claiming he’s adored by mass shooting victims.

Guttenberg and Parkland survivor David Hogg both joined CNN’s New Day together to talk about how the gun control movement continues in the aftermath of the Dayton and El Paso shootings. During this segment, Alisyn Camerota asked what they thought about Trump’s latest press spray where he claimed those gun violence victims “love” him.

Guttenberg was very direct in his response:

“Mr. President, let me tell you something: I don’t care about you. This is not about love or hate. I don’t care about you. I care about what you do. And I hate what you are doing. Because you are using the pain of the victims of gun violence to speak in a way that allows you to look like you’re going to do something but only to play games with their emotions and not do it in the end. I don’t care about you, Mr. President, but I hate what you do. It is time for you to stop talking on this topic until you are ready to give Mitch McConnell the go ahead to open up the Senate and actually take on legislation. Stay out of this. Keep your mouth just quiet unless you’re ready to be a serious participant in this conversation. Just stop.”

As Guttenberg continued about how Trump “lied” to him and other mass shooting victims by breaking promises to take action, he said that “Every time he puts himself on camera with a photo op like he did yesterday to talk about it, to say people like me love him, no we don’t.”

“Mr. President, stop talking,” Guttenberg said. “Stop talking about love. This is not about you. Don’t worry about how people think about you. Do the right thing. Get it done. Tell Mitch McConnell to open up the Senate graveyard. Let’s get this done. Enough is enough.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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