Parkland Father Slams Fox’s Pete Hegseth For Telling People to Buy More AR-15s: ‘You Miserable Human Being’


The father of a student killed in the Parkland shooting called out a Fox & Friends host after he suggested viewers stock up on guns.

On Sunday, Pete Hegseth said this: “Go out and get your second AR-15 today. Maybe it’s a good reason to do so.”

The comment was made during a discussion on the 2020 Democratic field and how now announced 2020 contender Beto O’Rourke is calling for a ban on AR-15s.

After airing a clip in which O’Rourke made it clear that current AR-15 owners could keep and “responsibly” use their weapons, Hegseth first called it “easy, loose rhetoric” from the left.

Then he suggested that O’Rourke’s comments may be a good reason to go get another gun.

In response, Parkland father Fred Guttenberg called Hegseth a “miserable” human being.

“My daughter was killed in school from a shooter who shot from across the hallway using his AR 15,” he added in his Twitter response.”Shot her in the back, severed her spinal cord, and killed her instantly along with 16 others. How dare you mock this and make a joke.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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