Parks and Recreation Comes to Life in City Council Meeting About Bike Lanes


A Coronado, California city council meeting looking to promote 12 new miles of bike lanes eventually suspended the project after a wave of wealthy, white and mostly non-bicyclist residents showed up to complain about it.

As Death and Taxes aptly notes, the footage from the meeting looks and sounds more like an episode of Parks and Recreation than an actual governmental function. Unfortunately, KPBS reports that everything you’re about to see is real. As in, the people showing up to complain (and the complaints themselves) are not plants.

So what’s all the fuss about? The affluent resort community has been praised for its bike friendliness in the past, as KPBS notes, but the current initiative to paint 12 more miles of bike lines throughout the city caused some consternation at a city council meeting last week.

Complaints include, but are not limited to:

  • “You are covering Coronado with paint stripe pollution” — Gerry Lounsbury
  • “The graffiti on the streets does not help our property values” — Aileen Oya
  • “The lanes bring to mind a visual cacophony that if you look there long enough it will induce a dizzying type of vertigo” — Carolyn Rogerson
  • “These black streets with these brilliant white lines everywhere because believe me, it takes away from your home, from your outlook on life” — Gerry MacCartee
  • “It’s very similar to personally taking all three of my daughters to a tattoo parlor and having them completely body tattooed” — Darby Monger

Thankfully, that last one elicited a few deserving laughs from the crowd. Yet the city council still moved to postpone the new bike lines until 2016, despite San Diego County Bicycle Coalition director Andy Hanshaw‘s insistence that “bicycle markings are about safety.”

Check out the clip above, via KPBS.

[h/t Death and Taxes]
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