Pat Buchanan: Either White House Behaved Inappropriately Or Joe Sestak Is ‘Not Stable’

Say what you will about MSNBC contributor Pat Buchanan— last seen wondering aloud about, um, why there are so many Jews on the Supreme Court— but he doesn’t think quite like anyone else on TV does. This morning, Buchanan was on the air to discuss the job Democratic Congressman Joe Sestak was offered by the White House, and the issue made Buchanan concerned about Sestak’s mental health, not that he didn’t “urge him to join the race every time I saw him on Morning Joe,” anyway.

Buchanan, on the air with host Alex Witt and Democratic strategist Karen Finney, suggested that the only way to clear up the question of whether former president Bill Clinton offered Sestak, who is the Democratic senate nominee in Pennsylvania, a job unethically in exchange for not running against incumbent Arlen Specter, was to have an independent council and “put everybody under oath.” Finney didn’t seem the think the issue was as scandalous as Buchanan did, though she did admit that the way it was handled publically was “embarrassing” for the Democrats.

Asked what the affair means for Sestak’s campaign, Buchanan suggested that if the story is not unethical that it is Sestak who has a problem on his hands: “Let’s say what Clinton says is true, and Sestak hyped this thing again and again, implied that he had been offered a bribe, then he is not stable and he is not credible, if what the White House says today is true.” Finney countered that this was “a little ridiculous,” but Buchanan insisted that “Sestak has done a terrible disservice to the White House because he implied repeatedly there was a quid pro quo for a high job in the administration offered by the White House. He implied that a bribe was offered for months and months and months, now he’s climbing down. He has a credibility problem.”

Witt then interjects to offer her own insight on the topic: one time, when Sestak was on her program, he sent her a hand-written thank you note! This proves that “his mother did something right.” Buchanan then offers up that, for what it’s worth, he wanted Sestak to run and told him so every time he saw him when they were on Morning Joe. This new evidence had Finney conclude, “he sounds like a very well-mannered, stable individual for sending you that note.”

Video from MSNBC this morning below:

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