Pat Buchanan: ‘I Think There’s a Real Collision Coming’ Between Mueller and Trump


On Friday night, Pat Buchanan made a grim prediction about where the dynamic between President Trump and Special Counsel Robert Mueller will go.

Buchanan, who served as a senior advisor to President Nixon during Watergate, told Sean Hannity that Trump senses that Mueller, along with the media, are “coming after him” as well as his family.

“What is gonna happen, Sean, is this,” he elaborated. “Mr. Mueller is going to make demands after demand after demand. He’s gonna get some of them, and then the president I believe is gonna say ‘No more,’ which is what happened in Watergate with the Saturday Night Massacre. I think there’s a real collision coming between Mueller and the president of the United States.”

Hannity then invoked Mueller’s “conflicts of interest,” which include Mueller staffers who donated to Clinton. Buchanan responded by saying Watergate Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox hired a bunch of Kennedy loyalists.

“I do think that the special counsel’s office is target the president,” he continued. “I believe it’s going to go on and on and roll over one rock after the other, after the other until the president says, ‘I’ve had enough!'” And then we’re right on the road, a familiar one to me, to the Saturday Night Massacre.”

Hannity appeared shocked.

“Are you saying that the president could be impeached?” he asked.

“What I’m saying is I think he’s gonna have a confrontation with Mueller. However, I don’t think the president of the United States- he don’t have the authority to fire him. The Deputy Attorney General [Rod Rosenstein] does. He would not do that.”

Buchanan did more reflecting on the Saturday Night Massacre.

“During the Saturday Night Massacre, we tried to shut down the special prosecutor’s office. And they revived it… and they got a new special prosecutor. I’m looking at a confrontation here, and unless I’m mistaken, they’re gonna have something on the president and his family and he’s gonna go after Mr. Mueller and I think you’re gonna have a real confrontation… I don’t see how this ends well.”

He added that although he respects Attorney General Jeff Sessions and he “deserved better” than his treatment in The New York Times interview, he should never have recused himself and Rosenstein should have never appointed a special counsel.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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