Pat Roberston Thinks Limbaugh Was ‘A Little Over-The-Top’ In His Comments About Sandra Fluke

Today, televangelist and The 700 Club host Pat Robertson weighed in on the Sandra Fluke saga with the help of his guest, the American Principles Project’s Jerry Bell.

Robertson had a specific issue with Fluke’s comments regarding contraception. Since Georgetown is a Catholic school, he said, and Catholics believe that “fornication” (or, in this case, “sex outside of marriage,” as Robertson clarified) is a sin, why would the school ever agree to fund contraception for its students? “This woman,” he told Bell, “is saying ‘I’m going to be committing sin, but I want you to pay for my sin.'”

“Rush Limbaugh got a little over-the-top on that thing,” he continued, “but was that what it amounted to?”

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Bell, for his part, felt the left was trying to “complete the job of imposing the values of the sexual revolution on everybody else, including those who have held out and disagreed with some aspects of it.”

“So Obama is playing right down to that playbook, would you say?” Robertson asked. Bell felt Obama had calculated the damage the contraception health insurance mandate would have on the Catholic Church, but chose to act in a manner that’s consistent with “the DNA of the left.”

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