Pat Robertson: Gays And Liberals ‘Don’t Want Freedom,’ They Want A ‘Dictatorship’ Like ‘Communism’

On The 700 Club today, televangelist Pat Robertson blasted liberals and the gay rights movement as not wanting freedom, but rather a dictatorship. He compared their desires to what was seen under communism, where a small group made all the decisions.

Robertson made his comments in response to a on Gallaudet University’s controversial suspension of their chief diversity officer for signing a petition to put Maryland’s marriage equality law on the ballot and how the gay rights movement — including Maryland’s Gov. Martin O’Malley — strongly condemned the school’s decision.

“The left wants a dictatorship,” Robertson lamented. “They don’t want freedom, they don’t want people to express their views. They don’t want that.”

He then likened the left and the gay rights movement to totalitarian governments: “They want a dictatorship where they control, which, of course, is what you had in communism. A small group ran the government for their ends and for the ends of their friends, and that’s what the gays want, they want everything now in their favor.”

“God Almighty has the final vote,” concluded the televangelist.

Watch below, via 700 Club:

[h/t Right Wing Watch]
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