Pat Robertson: It’s ‘Christ-Like’ To Leave Your Muslim Girlfriend Of Three Years

700 Club host Pat Robertson was asked to dispense a bit of advice: Should I, a viewer named Brad asked, dump my Muslim girlfriend of three years? The two had planned to someday wed, he explained, but he’s been told by “people” to call things off, although he worries that leaving her will turn her off from Christianity and wouldn’t be very “Christ-like” of him.

“Yes, it is Christ-like,” Robertson disagreed, noting that the Old Testament (i.e. the portion of the Bible that doesn’t include information of Christ’s life or His teachings) forbade God’s (non-Christian) people from marrying “heathens.”

“Now, this girl sounds very sweet,” he said, but “she’ll want to do her Muslim thing and you’ll want to do your Christian thing and it’ll be a constant struggle and strife.” So, Robertson advised, just walk away, although Brad always has the option of praying that she “accept the Lord.” We’ll leave it to religious scholars to argue among themselves whether or not “People of the Book” all do, in fact, worship the same Lord.

Robertson closed by adding that to be “Christ-like” doesn’t mean being “all nice and friendly.”

“He’s not gentle Jesus, meek and mild,” he added. “He really isn’t.”

Have a look, via CBN:

h/t Right Wing Watch

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