Pat Robertson Knows Why ‘Heathen’ Robin Williams Committed Suicide

On Wednesday’s edition of The 700 Club, televangelist Pat Robertson used the death of Robin Williams to sell his message about embracing Jesus Christ as the one true God. In Robertson’s view, Williams was a “heathen” who committed suicide because he worshipped false gods like fame and money.

“You see these very popular people in the media who commit suicide like Robin Williams recently and you say, what is the deal with him? What happened?” Robertson asked his viewers. “You see, the god of the heathen are idols and everything that you seek in life can ruin you unless that something and somebody is God himself,” he added.

“He can fill your every need, he won’t disappoint you and you won’t want to commit suicide after you have come to him,” Robertson added. “Don’t let sexual attraction be your idol, don’t let fame or money or any of these things be your god, but come to the Lord Jesus.”

Either that, or Williams had clinical depression that became so overwhelming that he ultimately chose to take his own life despite the love and success he had experienced.

Watch video below, via CBN:

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