Pat Robertson On Akin: He ‘Screwed Up’ But GOP Must Stop ‘Circular Firing Squad’

On Tuesday morning’s edition of The 700 Club, Pat Robertson gave his reaction to the ongoing controversy over Missouri GOP Senate candidate Todd Akin‘s remarks that victims of “legitimate” rape do not get pregnant. The televangelist characterized Akin’s remarks as “dumb,” but emphasized that the Republican Party needs to stop forming a “circular firing squad” during such an important senatorial election.

“I’ll tell you, folks, that’s one of those shooting yourself in the foot,” Robertson began his remarks.

“This guy is ahead in the polls. He has a chance to win,” he continued. “The Republicans need the Senate. And so he screwed up. He made a dumb remark.”

The latest poll after the controversy erupted shows Akin leading Democratic incumbent Sen. Claire McCaskill by a slim margin of 1-percent. Many analysts speculate that the pregnancy remarks could cost Akin the election, as his polling lead has narrowed since the remarks went public.

Robertson offered some advice to Akin and the GOP: “It is time to say, okay, Todd, you apologized. You misspoke. And let’s get on with life. Let’s run the campaign. The adheres form a circular firing squad and go after each other. Not smart.”

Watch below:

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