Paul Begala: Trump ‘Met the Bare Minimum Standards of Decency’ at Bush’s Funeral


Former Bill Clinton advisor and political commentator Paul Begala reacted to President Donald Trump‘s awkward meeting with the presidents’ club by saying he was glad he met “bare minimum” standards of decency at George H.W. Bush‘s funeral today in Washington DC.

“It was really remarkably classy of the Bush family to invite the president,” Begala began during a Wednesday evening segment on CNN, referring to Trump’s previous remarks aimed at the Bush family. “And it seems crazy but I can imagine there was quite a debate within the family as to whether to include the current president of the United States in a tribute to the former president of the United States.”

He added: “Of course the Bush family did the right thing and included our president. I have to say President Trump did the right thing.”

He then said this: “I’m happy to say that Donald Trump met the bare minimum standards of decency. He’ll never be a George H.W. Bush — George H.W. Bush, Bush 41, was all class. Donald Trump is very often no class, but today he showed a little. I’ll give him some credit for that.”

Begala then noted this about the man he opposed politically but admired: “This man who was laid to rest today was a really great American, he always put country ahead of party…he formed a terrific bond with my boss [Bill Clinton].”

Watch above, via CNN.

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