Paul Krugman On ‘Private Sector Is Doing Fine’ Comment: Obama ‘Screwed Up The Line’

New York Times blogger Paul Krugman does not agree with President Obama that “the private sector is doing just fine”– or at least doesn’t think that was what the President meant, exactly. Nonetheless, Krugman told Charlie Rose on CBS’ This Morning today that the line was “unfortunate” and the President “screwed up.”

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“That was an unfortunate line,” Krugman argued, “The President bungled the line.” He added that he did believe President Obama was making a larger and correct point about the fact that the public sector is faring far worse than the private, but that it got lost in the rhetoric. “The truth is the private sector is doing better than the public sector, which is still not good,” Krugman noted, concluded, “he screwed up the line.”

Krugman and Rose also discussed the European economy and how this could affect both the American economy generally and President Obama’s proposals in the campaign.

The clip via CBS below:


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