Paul Manafort Shows Up for Court in Prison Jumpsuit and Confined to a Wheelchair

Former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort showed up for court on Friday in Alexandria prison wear and confined to a wheelchair.

On Thursday it was announced a judge ruled Manafort —  who was convicted of 8 counts of bank and tax fraud in August — would not be permitted to wear one of his signature, custom suits for the hearing.

Manafort’s appearance in a wheelchair, however, came as a surprise.

Kara Scannell, from a live shot outside the Virginia courtroom, reported the news for CNN.

“It was a surprise that silenced the courtroom when Manafort entered in a wheelchair wearing a green jumpsuit,” she said. “[He] has some sort of inflammation in his right foot. It was bandaged in a sock, slightly elevated when he was in the wheelchair.”

Scannell also noted his condition had something to do with his diet.

The reporter added: “It’s one issue that his lawyer Kevin Downing had raised saying he hoped the judge would sentence Manafort as soon as possible… If he gets transferred into a federal prison he’ll have better care and better nutrition. So, that was the big surprise of the day.”

Manafort’s argument to the judge, according to Scannell, did not seem to work as planned.

“The judge agreed to sentence Manafort but not until February 8th,” she said.

Watch above,  via CNN

[image via Getty Images]

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