Paul Ryan: ‘I Worry’ About Trump Seeking Bipartisan Solutions to Health Care


Paul Ryan is still learning how to manage the rebellious Republican caucus that sank the American Health Care Act, but one thing he is adamant about is his opposition to President Trump striking a deal with Democrats.

“I don’t want that to happen,” the Speaker said in a recent interview.

Ryan spoke with CBS’ Norah O’Donnell in his first extended sit-down since he and Trump abandoned the American Health Care Act late last week. During the discussion, Ryan defended Devin Nunes over his recent, controversial excursion to the White House, and mentioned that Trump apologized to him after the president plugged a Fox News show that called for his resignation.

On the subject of health care, Ryan said that Congressional Republicans were having a period of “growing pain” and still figuring out how to manage a new government agenda. Trump has reportedly hinted his willingness for a bipartisan deal on health care, though Ryan told CBS that he’s leery of that possibility.

What I worry about, Norah (O’Donnell), is if we don’t do this, then he’ll just go work with Democrats to try to change Obamacare, and that’s hardly a conservative thing…I want a patient-centered system. I don’t want government running health care. The government shouldn’t tell you what you must do with your life, with your health care. We should give people choices.

While Trump has floated bipartisan cooperation on health care and other issues in recent days, it hasn’t stopped him from tweeting his anger about Democrats and members of the House Freedom Caucus who stand in his way.

Watch above, via CBS.

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