Paul Ryan Thinks Jon Stewart Is The ‘Funniest Person In America’

Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan told a local television station in 2011 that he was a fan of Comedy Central host Jon Stewart. That outlook should come in handy as Ryan’s public profile is high enough now that he is certain to be on the unpleasant end of a Daily Show skewering in the near future.

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In 2011, when asked who he thinks the funniest person in America is, Ryan told Local Vision TV host Tony Huml — a former high school classmate of Ryan’s – that he would say Stewart.

The Huffington Post notes that Ryan has not had the roasting that other political figures have just yet on the Daily Show.

Although he is known as an extremely conservative politician, Ryan has gotten off relatively easy by “Daily Show” standards. In episodes where Stewart joked about Ryan’s budget plan last summer, he also poked fun at the media fawning of Ryan’s good looks, calling him a “Wisconsin dreamboat” and the head of the “Hunk Budget Committee.”

Ryan has not yet been a guest on the comedy program, but that may change as the election heats up ahead of the fall campaign.

h/t Huffington Post

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