Kristen Wiig’s Paula Deen Addresses Sexual Harassment Lawsuit On SNL

Paula Deen has had a pretty bad year already, what with the revelation that she has Type II diabetes — which she refers to as “the sugars” — but things went from bad to worse with the revelation that a former employee is suing the celebrity chef for sexual harassment she suffered at the hands of Deen’s brother. She had the opportunity to defend herself on SNL’s “Weekend Update,” but she seemed more intent on finishing the drumstick and stick of butter she had in each hand.

Asked to comment on allegations that her brother looked at porn in the office he shared with Deen’s employee, Deen explained how easy it is to end up Googling dirty stuff, like the time she tried to look up “twinkies” and ended up watching footage of “twinks.” She even had an explanation for the rumors that she was heard using the N-word — “she would rather die of exercise than say ‘Nutrition’.” Well, there you have it! It seemed like Kristen Wiig, playing Deen, was having a bit of trouble keeping it together, and I hope she had a glass of water offstage to wash out the taste of that buttered chicken leg. You can see the segment here via NBC:

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