Peggy Noonan Compares Trump Campaign Staff to ‘Island of Broken Toys’: ‘He Couldn’t Get the Grown Ups to Join’

Peggy Noonan, a columnist for Wall Street Journal and author of nine books, compared President Donald Trump‘s campaign staff to the “island of broken toys.”

It all happened during a panel discussion on Meet the Press. 

“I think part of the story perhaps with the president and all of these people who’ve been indicted or come under questioning is that he may not have any deep insight into their nature because he didn’t really know them, ” she told the panel.  “So he almost can’t judge where they’re going next.”

Then she said this: “The people around Trump during the campaign were an island of broken toys. They were individual operatives. They were driven by their own drama. Trump couldn’t get anybody else. He couldn’t get the grown ups to join. He got who he got.”

Author Doris Kearns Goodwin added, “And that shows the lack of experience, coming in from the outside and not bringing in the people who knew what they were doing.”

Host Chuck Todd then suggested that Trump has built his world that way for a long time.

“Trump’s always built his worlds that way,” Todd said. “It’s not just in politics. He’s always sort of ends up with, you know, everybody with their own agendas.”

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