Peggy Noonan on ISIS: ‘We Know 50 Targets on Which We Can Go Boom Boom Boom’

In an otherwise solid and informative segment about ISIS on Sunday morning’s Face the Nation, Peggy Noonan used her grownup words to describe the potential for effective airstrikes against the Sunni militants.

“It’s one thing to send U.S. guys in there for intelligence, for guidance, for some leadership,” Noonan said. “That’s different from, ‘Hey guys, let’s invade a nation and do nation building.’ ISIS is a specific threat. We probably know of fifty targets on which we can go boom boom boom. Yes, there will have to be human beings on the ground. But this doesn’t have to be hundreds of thousands of Americans invading a country in which we’re not wanted.”

Noonan said that when President Barack Obama said “no boots on the ground,” he was mistakenly conflating an invasion the size of the 2003 Iraq War with the one described last week by General Anthony Zinni, requiring only two brigades, they swear.

Watch the clip below, via CBS News:

[Image via screengrab]

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