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Pelosi Announces House Will Vote on Coronavirus Relief Bill

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Friday afternoon that Congress will be passing a coronavirus relief bill.

The bill titled, “Families First Coronavirus Response Act,” would include two weeks of paid sick leave for those who have to skip work because of the virus as well as free, widespread testing.

“Over the last several weeks, our nation has been faced with a grave and accelerating challenge, one that tests our compassion, ingenuity, and resolve,” Pelosi began. “The coronavirus crisis.”

“Sadly and prayerfully, we learned of the tragic deaths of at least 41 Americans from this public health emergency so far,” she continued. “The American people expect and deserve a coordinated, science-based government response to keep them and their loved ones safe. A response that puts families first to stimulate the economy.”

“To put families first last week, the House passed a strong bipartisan $8.3 billion emergency funding package of entirely new funds.”

Pelosi praised the “swift action” of her party for their commitment to addressing the nation’s response to Covid-19.

“Democrats swift action to pass this emergency funding was essential to our nation’s long overdue response,” Pelosi riffed.

“Next, Senate Democratic leader Schumer and I last weekend called for further action to put families first. Today, we are passing a bill that does just that. The Families’ First Coronavirus Response Act, which is focused directly on providing support for America’s families, must be the first priority.”

Pelosi further outlined the most important parts of the bill, “testing, testing, testing,” adding that the “legislation facilitates free coronavirus testing for everyone.”

“Our nation, our great nation has faced crises before and every time, thanks to the courage and optimism, patriotism and perseverance of the American people, we have prevailed,” Pelosi concluded.

President Donald Trump is set to hold a press conference on the coronavirus from the White House at 3 p.m. EST.

Watch above, via CNN.

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