Pelosi Decries Trump-Era DOJ Subpoena for Top House Democrats’ Data: ‘Goes Even Beyond Richard Nixon’


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that the Justice Department’s attempt to subpoena the communications of House Democrats under former President Donald Trump was a greater offense than those committed by Richard Nixon.

Pelosi gave an interview on Sunday to CNN’s Dana Bash, who led by asking Pelosi about the news that the Trump-era Justice Department subpoenaed data from Apple for several Democratic members of Congress on the House Intelligence Committee, their aides, and family members. After a brief aside, Pelosi argued that “what the administration did, the Justice Department, the leadership of the former president goes even beyond Richard Nixon.”

“This is about undermining the rule of law,” Pelosi said. “For Attorneys General Barr and Sessions to say they didn’t know anything about it is beyond belief. So, we will have to have them come under oath to testify about that.”

Pelosi was referring to the denials from Bill Barr, Jeff Sessions and former Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein of having any knowledge about the subpoena. As Pelosi expressed uncertainty about how broad-reaching the subpoena was, Bash asked her if she would subpoena Barr, Sessions, and Rosenstein if they don’t willingly agree to testify about this.

“Let’s hope they will want to honor the rule of law,” Pelosi said. “The Justice Department has been rogue under President Trump… This is just another manifestation of their rogue activity. The others were perpetrated by the attorneys general, but this is one that they claim no knowledge of. How could it be that there could be an investigation of members of the other branch of government and the press and the rest, too, and the attorneys general did not know? So who are these people? And are they still in the Justice Department?”

Watch above, via CNN.

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