Pence Avoids Question About Trump Insulting Accusers’ Looks, Points to Media Bias

dickerson-penceMike Pence lashed out at the media during a heated interview on Face the Nation today and avoided directly addressing Donald Trump‘s attacks on his accusers.

John Dickerson noted how Pence, as a Christian conservative, has considered character an important trait of people running for high office, but that seems to not be a priority in this election.

Pence pushed back against the “unsubstantiated allegations” against his running mate and continued to use the line “it was just talk, not actions.”

He also contrasted that with Bill Clinton‘s past behavior and what WikiLeaks is revealing about Hillary Clinton‘s inner circle. Pence complained that it’s been “largely ignored by this network.”

Dickerson brought up how Trump has publicly trashed the looks of two of the women making allegations against him. Pence pointed to Clinton’s “deplorables” line, but Dickerson shot back, “So it’s okay if Hillary Clinton does it?”

Pence ended up going again and again after the media, telling Dickerson the emails have been “largely ignored” on his network and “the American people feel like in a very real sense that the Democrat Party and many of you in the media are working together to prevent the kind of change the American people long to see.”

Watch above, via CBS.

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