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People Editor Explains How The Magazine Determined Where Casey Anthony Is Living

Tatsha Robertson, a senior editor at People Magazine, appeared on Early Start Monday morning to explain how a reporter for the magazine, Steve Helling, came to the conclusion that Casey Anthony was living alone in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

“He has good sources. He’s been covering Casey since the very beginning,” Robertson said of Helling. “We got a strong idea where she is. We think she’s living by herself. And she’s doing a lot. She’s talking to counselors, to pastors…so I think our sources are pretty tight.”

Robertson explained that Anthony was getting help from her lawyers as well as charities and some churches. “She has no way of making any money right now,” Robertson said, before adding that Anthony might also be in touch with her brother.

Making People‘s case stronger — or at least a little more random — is a corroboration of Anthony’s presence in Port St. Lucie by a woman named Chrissandra Jennings, who told TC Palm that she saw Anthony at a St. Lucie County stoplight on Sept. 20 around 5 p.m.

Watch the video of Robertson below, courtesy of CNN:

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