Perils Of Live TV: Impassioned DWTS Fan Drops F-Bomb While Hijacking Remote CNN Shot

Live TV is always kind of a gamble, particularly because it offers people a platform to promote their intense feelings for Dancing with the Stars and/or David Arquette. Seriously, you simply never know when someone is going to interrupt a live broadcast to sing the praises of America’s favorite Arquette, not including Patricia, Rosanna or Alexis.

And that’s exactly what happened Monday afternoon when CNN sent Maggie Lake out to the streets of Manhattan to report on the release of a new biography on Apple’s Steve Jobs.

Lake’s report was interrupted by a man unafraid to pursue the issues really rocking America today: Namely, how David Arquette rocks so much harder than Nancy Grace. His use of obscenities after being pulled off screen only served to further his completely valid point.

Update: As some of our commenters pointed out, the show-stealing man in the footage is from Howard Stern’s show. Does that make his argument any less persuasive? Of course not.

Have a look at the outburst, from CNN:

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