Dana Perino Roasts Fox News Colleagues While Guest-Hosting ‘Gutfeld!’


The normally staid Dana Perino, who co-hosts America’s Newsroom and The Five on Fox News, guest-hosted Tuesday’s edition of Gutfeld! and roasted the absent host and other colleagues.

“Happy Tuesday, everyone,” she began her monologue. “I’m the queen of mid-morning, Dana Perino, filling in for the king of late night, Greg Gutfeld, who’s out recovering from being Greg Gutfeld.”

She went on to joke that the diminutive host’s growth has been stunted since moving to weeknights. “A lot of people don’t realize he was 6’3″ when he started this show.”

Moments later, she roasted Fox colleague Brian Kilmeade for having a haircut that is “a national humiliation.”

Elsewhere, while talking about public school attendance, she took a shot at Harold Ford, who, like Gutfeld, is a co-host of hers on The Five.

“In Baltimore, for example, chronic absenteeism was at 23% in 2016, 36% in 2020,” she said. “Last year it was 58%. Fifty-eight percent – or, as Baltimore teachers call it, almost half. Fifty-eight percent? I mean, Harold Ford has a better attendance record than that.”

Ford serves as one of the rotating co-hosts in the “liberal” seat on The Five, splitting duties with the more pugnacious Jessica Tarlov.

Perino’s monologue was bereft of the long pauses often deployed by Gutfeld when waiting for applause lines that come late or not at all. The breezy delivery made for a seamless opening to a show where she displayed an on-air alter ego of sorts.

Like other late-night comedy shows, Gutfeld! is not aired live. In a lineup shakeup last month, the program moved from 11 p.m. ET to 10 p.m. ET.

Watch above via Fox News.

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