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Peter King Doesn’t Want Criminals to Use Phones; Insists He’d Make ‘Better’ Prez than Rand Paul

Republican congressman Peter King (R-NY), an unapologetic supporter of Irish Republican Army terrorists, wants you to know that criminals shouldn’t be using cell phones, and that he would absolutely make a better president than Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY).

Asked Sunday by Fox’s Jamie Colby whether Sen. Paul has a “winning strategy” in courting the youth vote via railing against the National Security Agency’s surveillance techniques, Rep. King countered: “I think it’s an ignorant strategy that shows he’s unfit to be the leader of our party.”

Ignoring all the counterarguments in favor of histrionics, as he is wont to do, King claimed Sen. Paul doesn’t believe the government has any right to obtain the phone records of organized criminals and/or child pornographers.

Paul has repeatedly said he is not opposed to the NSA, legal surveillance operations, or phone record obtaining. He just wants government agencies to have to obtain targeted warrants for such sensitive activities.

Nevertheless, Rep. King went off: “I don’t want a President of the United States who believes that we should be exempting criminals and allow criminals to use phones.”

Okay then.

Asked whether he intends to run for president, King played coy with Colby, giving the usual faux-humble spiel about being asked by many, but not deciding until later on.

And then after Colby had already said goodbye to the lawmaker, he asserted: “And I would do a better job than Rand Paul.”

Watch below, via Fox:

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