Peter King to Ted Cruz: I’m the ‘Third-Highest Republican’ on TV, So There

So apparently, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Rep. Peter King (R-NY2) are in some sort of petty pre-GOP presidential primary bitchfight, and in the process turned CNN into their Burn Book.

On the Situation Room, Wolf Blitzer played a clip of some comments Cruz made last night to Erin Burnett — in which Cruz essentially called King an irrelevant basic bitch — and then asked King if he’d like to respond.

“Sure, why not?” King said, and then went off on how he was queen bee of the GOP and that Cruz better check himself.

“Maybe if he had listened to me over the years, he’d be a little smarter,” King said. “I was, I think, the third-highest Republican on national television shows last year. I’m on your show all the time.” So in the congressman’s universe, influence is directly correlated with how often you appear on cable news and/or Sunday talk shows.

“That shows he’s not watching you, Wolf, so I think you should go after Cruz for not watching you,” he added, and Wolf awarded King Wolf Points.

Watch below via CNN:

[h/t Will Rahn]
[Image via screenshot]

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