Peter King Wishes Obama Would Lead Like UK’s David Cameron

Representative Peter King (R-NY) achieved full Peter King-ness on Face the Nation Sunday morning, wishing that President Barack Obama would show the leadership he said UK Prime Minister David Cameron has in addressing the ISIS threat.

“I wish our president was showing the same leadership David Cameron showed,” King said. “What is the president waiting for? I agree that we have to have coalitions and other forces on our side, but it was a year ago that this all started. ..We can’t wait forever, and the longer we do wait, the stronger ISIS becomes, more people are massacred, and the more America and Britain become at risk.”

This weekend Britain elevated its threat level to “severe” for the first time in over five years in response to the threat from ISIS, particularly the worry that British citizens have joined the Sunni militant organization. Cameron proposed legislation that targeted the passports of those suspected of joining ISIS.

Watch the clip below, via CBS News:

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