Phil Donahue: ‘We Got a P*ssy Grabber for President’ Because the Elite Media Failed Us


In a rare interview, talk show legend Phil Donahue appeared on CNN’s Reliable Sources today to discuss the things the mainstream media has gotten wrong or missed when it comes to the reasons why Donald Trump was elected president.

“I think the mainstream media, it’s Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump,” Donahue told host Brian Stelter. “They haven’t drilled down on why is he president? How did this happen? I think they’re going to discover, well, I think it’s already revealed. These are angry people.”

The retired talk show host went on to point out that it wasn’t really 46% of the people who voted for Trump — his popular vote percentage — but more like 19% of the country, when taking into account all of the people who didn’t even bother to vote. “Apathy is killing us,” he noted.

After talking about how he would’ve loved to have Trump as a guest on his show and how the resistance against Trump right now is a “hell of a story,” Donahue concluded by stating that mainstream media is largely at fault for Trump’s victory.

And in doing so, he references the infamous Access Hollywood tape, preferring to spell out a certain word:

“We got Donald Trump because we let it happen. We didn’t vote. We were apathetic and we looked up and think now, holy cow, we got a — we got — I don’t want to say it. We got a P-U-S-S-Y grabber for president and we are appalled. We can’t figure this out. One of the reasons we did — we can’t figure it out is because elite media, as he would call it, failed us.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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