Phil Robertson on Fox Business: ‘I Already Have Health Care, It’s Given to Me by God’


 Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson stated that government-funded universal health care is not necessary because God provides “eternal health care.”

“Kamala Harris… says elect me, and everything is free,” Robertson began to host Neil Cavuto“Look, everybody can have their own health care, the government’s gonna’ finance the whole thing. It is not going to cost but 30 trillion. I’m offering you the greatest deal you ever had. Elect me and everything will be free.”

“She is saying that other people have been getting away with financial murder, will pay for it, the rich, including you,” Cavuto said before Robertson began bizarrely attacking the idea of even having health insurance — government provided or not.

“What I’m saying is that Kamala, I already have health care. It’s given to me by God,” he replied. “Eternal health care. I’m guaranteed to be raised from the dead. I have life and immortality given to me by God through Jesus Christ.”

“But people get sick on Earth in human form,” observed the host with a bewildered tone in his voice.

The evangelical pundit continued by suggesting the “temporary reprieve” of health care “is not worth it.”

“I am telling her, health care and it is free,” he added. “Doctors can give you a temporary reprieve but they cannot save you from physical death. The doctors who treat you, they die too.”

“You’re not dismissing that we, people need health care, right?” Cavuto asked in response.

Robertson concluded the discussion by suggesting it isn’t necessary since he “didn’t have health care for 50 years” and “never needed it for 50 years.”

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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