Phil Robertson Returning to Duck Dynasty Episodes on January 15th

A&E’s “suspension” of Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson will apparently not affect new episodes of the show scheduled to start airing after the holidays on January 15th. Entertainment Weekly is citing sources “close to the situation” who say that when the show returns from hiatus, footage featuring Robertson, who caused a major uproar with his condemnation of homosexual sex and remembrances of the Jim Crow South in GQ magazine, will remain intact.

“There’s no negotiation to have; we’re doing the show,” the insider told EW. “We’ll figure out a solution. It’s just not going to happen overnight. Everybody will take a break for the holidays and regroup afterward. That’s probably the smartest thing for everyone to do. Time heals a lot of wounds.”

While A&E’s suspension could have included pulling not-yet-aired episodes of the show that include Phil Robertson, it now appears it will only affect episodes that have not yet been shot. Assuming there is an ultimately reconciliation between the network and the Robertson family, this could mean an uninterrupted viewing experience for fans of the show.

[photo via EW]

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