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Photos From Mika Brzezinski’s Local News Years Revealed By Hartford Journo

Behind every successful television news personality is a treasure trove of old videotape: bad hair, outdated clothes, and small-market stories. There’s the elephant-riding at the county fair, dressing up in firefighter’s gear and visits with cute dogs at the local animal shelter. Fortunately, most of those stories stay buried in the storage lockers of television stations in faraway places. But for MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski, the photos have leaked. A visit to Connecticut prompted an anchor at Hartford station WFSB to dig into the archive and pull out some gems–and you betcha, back in the early 90s Mika sure did have 90s hair. As Dennis House writes on his blog, “thanks to a thorough search of the WFSB archives, I uncovered Mika’s first report in August of ’92. It was from a carnival, on the business of summer.”

Brzezinski worked at the station for five years, and–it goes with the territory–she didn’t always cover politics and hard news. “There was a hard-hitting expose on which breed of dog is the smartest, to parades and fairs, but eventually Mika got some more serious assignments,” said House, who’s promising to air video from these stories on his weekend show, Face the State, on Sunday.

For now, here’s a still from that very first Brzezinski story in Hartford, at the carnival:

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