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Piers Morgan Defends Charlie Sheen’s ‘Fundamental Right To Party’ To Conan O’Brien

Last night Piers Morgan appeared with Conan O’Brien and cashed in on his buzztacular interview with Charlie Sheen Monday night. Conan lauded Morgan’s interview the (formerly?) hard-partying and embattled actor and engaged in a somewhat surprising debate over the merits of Sheen’s “partying.” It was surprising because Morgan defended Sheen’s “right to party” despite the fact that it appears to have ruined a number of marriages and can not be a healthy role model for his five children.

Morgan said “I defend his right to party. He’s been doing this for 20 years…he’s fine,” which seems like a rather indefensible position , especially since Sheen’s unique form of partying (“banging 7 gram rocks”) is not only against the law, but remarkably dangerous and unhealthy. For his part, Conan seemed taken aback by Morgan’s insouciance over Sheen’s, before launching into a puritanical screed of party disapproval.

The other take away? Morgan revealed that Sheen had written a personal note on the infamous and alleged drug test result he handed over during the CNN interview that read “To Piers, Let’s get hammered. Love, Charlie.” A funny story, but not clear if its funny “strange” or funny “ha, ha.”

Watch the clip courtesy of TBS below:

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