‘Piers Morgan’ Delivers The In Depth Super Bowl Halftime Analysis No One Asked For On SNL

“I’m Piers Morgan, and do be fooled by my British accent, because it’s all I’ve got!” Taran Killam’s Piers Morgan kicked off his show in fine self-deprecating form. This hour was all about the Superbowl, and he had several guests on to cover the highlights. Nasim Pedrad appeared as M.I.A., still in her halftime costume, to defend her decision to sing with Madonna “while there’s all this injustice in the world” and also to give the finger to the stadium and the audience. While M.I.A. didn’t see anything wrong with this behavior, pop duo LMFAO had a problem with it, as they didn’t think her actions lived up to the Superbowl’s standards of class and sophistication.

Moreover, Morgan had Marjorie Grapple, the one person in the country still offended by the middle finger, on the program to talk about her new decency initiative “One Finger, One Million Moms” (they’re selling decency straps!). This sketch felt a little baggy, but perhaps that was the point? Although Taran Killam’s pre-question ululations — “Wha-wha-wha-wha-wha-wha” — nearly made the too-long sketch worth it.

You can watch it here via NBC:

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