Piers Morgan Helps Kelsey Grammer Sort Out His Feelings On The Tea Party

Kelsey Grammer, making the rounds to promote his new Starz show, “Boss,” sat down with CNN’s Piers Morgan for an interview that will air Monday night, and was asked how he felt about the Tea Party. Grammer said that he agreed with the smaller government and lower tax ideals of the movement, but seemed unaware of what Tea Partiers actually believe in, explaining that his views may have been clouded by people generalizing the movement. “I’m not sure they say anything that I would object to,” Grammer told Morgan. “I’ve just been told that they’re lunatics.”

Still, Grammer, a Republican, looked like he was ready to jump on board until Morgan told him that most Tea Party candidates are “violently opposed” to gay marriage. Grammer expressed some doubt and said that he didn’t think that was actually on their agenda, but Morgan asserted that most of them are, “actively against same sex marriage.” The revelation, which could probably be debated by several factions of the Tea Party, caused Grammer to ultimately decide — right there on the set of Piers Morgan Tonight — that he wouldn’t sign on for the Tea Party, after all.

(Preview courtesy of CNN)

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