CNN’s Piers Morgan Honored By Brady Center For Gun Control Advocacy

Piers Morgan has arguably been the biggest media advocate for gun control since last December’s shooting in Newtown, and last night, at an event hosted by the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, Morgan was honored alongside celebrity divorce attorney Laura Wasser for his gun control advocacy with the Sarah Brady Visionary Award.

The event, held at the Beverly Hills Hotel was marked by remembrances of the Newtown victims, as well as some talk about the Senate recently rejecting a background checks bill that had the support of roughly 90 percent of the American public. Morgan told The Hollywood Reporter that he was unsurprised by the bill’s failure because of how the NRA “bullied and traduced” Senators. And not only Republicans, Morgan pointed the finger of blame at “cowardly Democrats” who decided to keep their mouths shut.

Morgan’s program has featured a lot of heated arguments with gun advocates in the past few months


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