Piers Morgan Lobbied to Have Anderson Cooper Replaced with Megyn Kelly

Piers Morgan is on a roll attacking his former colleague, CNN sacred cow Anderson Cooper.

In a column for The Hollywood Reporter, Morgan says when he was hosting the 9 p.m. ET slot at CNN, he approached his boss Jeff Zucker about replacing Cooper with Fox News’s Megyn Kelly.

“I suggested to Jeff that Megyn Kelly would be a perfect primetime star for CNN — young, beautiful, slick, razor smart, bursting with opinions, humor and authority,” Morgan wrote. “I was convinced she’d give me a much better [9 p.m.] lead-in than Anderson Cooper, who for all his qualities as a reporter is stiff in a studio and gets annihilated in the ratings every night by [Fox News’s Bill] O’Reilly.”

Morgan then suggested that Zucker agreed with Morgan. “Jeff nodded and replied, ‘I tried to get her.’ Days later, it was announced Megyn was moving to Fox News primetime, where she’s been a huge hit.”

Previously — just one day ago — Morgan said Cooper isn’t really a TV “start” and that he’s “not really what CNN needs.”

That comment came shortly after Morgan told Politico that Cooper was a big reason the 9 p.m. hour’s ratings weren’t so hot.

Morgan maintained in the Hollywood Reporter column, however, that his own ratings (contrary to a widely held and provable belief) “did OK.”

Morgan’s show was canceled in the first half of 2014. Meanwhile, Cooper remains on the air.

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