Piers Morgan Rips Chris Matthews for Comments Comparing the Trumps to the Romanovs


Piers Morgan blasted MSNBC’s Chris Matthews on Wednesday night for his repeated likening of the Trump family to the Romanovs, the former royal family of Russia, including something disturbing the Hardball host implied just this week.

Morgan joined Fox’s Sean Hannity tonight for a broader conversation about the media’s coverage of President Trump‘s alleged connections to Russia.

The former CNN host outlined, “We’re expected to believe that Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin get together, and they plan the mass murder of children to make some kind of point that they’re no longer best buddies. Really? Really? We think this a legitimate conspiracy theory flying?”

Hannity specified, “This is NBC News!”

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Morgan explained, “I watched — Chris Matthews, wasn’t it? — talking about them being the Romanovs — the Trumps. He ended up by saying — not just a comparison to the Romanovs, who were this royal family in Russia for 300 years — but said, ‘And we know how that ended.'”

It should be noted that Matthews has repeatedly compared the Trump family to the Romanovs, but the one Morgan referenced from Tuesday was the most egregious, as the MSNBC host hinted at their mass murder at the hands of the communist Bolsheviks nearly one hundred years ago by saying, “We know what happened to the Romanovs.”

Morgan added, “Well, I’ll tell you how it ended: the Romanovs all got slaughtered, at the start of what became [the] communist Soviet Union. They were slaughtered with guns and knives in a most brutal and disgusting matter.”

The Fox News guest concluded, “Whatever your view of the Romanovs, that’s not really a comparison I don’t think anyone in the American media should be making about the Trump family. What are we supposed to deduce from that comment — that, somehow, Jared [Kushner], Ivanka, and Donald are all going to be murdered by communists?”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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