Piers Morgan Shocked By ‘Unbelievable Power’ After Firing Assault Rifles At Texas Gun Range

Piers Morgan Shocked By 'Unbelievable Power' After Firing Assault Rifles At TX Gun Range

President Obama recently proved that he shoots skeet, and now Piers Morgan can say he’s shot an AR-15. Morgan traveled to Texas today to find out what it’s like to shoot the gun “used in the last five mass shootings in America,” including Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Morgan interviewed the owner of a Houston gun range, as he took his turns firing various version of the AR-15 semi-automatic rifle with a 30-round magazine. His aim wasn’t perfect, but as Morgan said, “once I got the hang of it and began pressing the trigger faster and faster, it was just firing very, very fast.”

He proceeded to shoot an AR-15 that had been modified from semi-automatic to fully automatic, a procedure that is illegal, but as the range owner explained, fairly easy for individuals to do with parts that can be purchased legally. Morgan said it felt “unbelievably powerful.”

Finally, Morgan fired a military-style Browning M2 machine gun that is legal to buy since it was made before 1986 and the original assault weapons ban, even though it’s capable of shooting 900 rounds per minute. After shooting the gun, Morgan asked, “why would a civilian want–need one these?” At $25,000-$45,000, the range owner told Morgan it was more of an “investment” than a practical purchase, though it is still perfectly legal to buy.

Watch video below, via CNN:

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