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Piers Morgan Speaks to Teens Suspended for Shooting Toy Gun: ‘Have You Been A Naughty Boy?’

Piers Morgan spoke to two teenage boys Tuesday night who got suspended from school for firing toy guns on private property nowhere near the school. Khalid Caraballo and Aidan Clark may even be expelled for what they did, and expressed their regret to Morgan, flanked by one parent each. Morgan did awkwardly ask them at one point, “Have you been a naughty boy?”

Solangel Caraballo and Tim Clark knew what their sons were doing, and while the two boys were not supposed to be playing with them, they said the ultimate discipline needs to come from them, not the school. Clark said he was “amazed that they feel that they’re more suitable to discipline my child than I am.”

Morgan brought up Caraballo’s history of disciplinary action, and asked, “Have you been a naughty boy? Caraballo admitted, “I have a little bit of a temper.” Morgan then asked Aidan, “Have you been naughty as well?”

He concluded that even for a gun control advocate like himself, the school’s gone way too far and “kids in America should be allowed to be kids.”

Watch the video below, via CNN:

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